My Story


Tina Aviles is a grassroots activist in the Republican Party, where she leads, trains, and develops fellow patriots to positively impact the political process, through community organizing, voter registration, and legislative activism. Tina is the founder and owner of a political consulting firm, Four Oaks, creator of and a locally elected Precinct Chair in the Dallas County Republican Party. 

Tina was honored in the 83rd Legislative Session of the Texas State Senate with an official resolution authored by Senator Huffines detailing her valuable contributions to the State of Texas, and recognized by Dallas GOP Chairman Wade Emmert with a Reagan Award for her extensive volunteer work, among other distinctions in political activism. Tina helps party leaders, volunteers, and candidates reach voters of all ages and serves as a liaison to the Hispanic community.

Tina is a pink enthusiast, and fruity tea aficionado from Grand Prairie, Texas..

“If you are informed but not active, then you are not helping. If you are active but not informed, you are definitely not helping.”

Be informed. Be active. Book Tina Aviles.

Professional History

  • Founder & Owner of Four Oaks Consulting, Campaign Management for State, County, and Local Races for Conservative Candidates
  • Hispanic Engagement Director for Dallas GOP
  • Field Director, Texans for Rodney Anderson
  • Field Team, Senator Konni Burton
  • Volunteer Coordinator, Jonathan Boos for Texas
  • Account Executive, Bunni Pounds & Associates
  • Precinct Chair Coordinator, Dallas GOP
  • Field Team, Frontline Political Strategies
  • Founder & Owner of Four Oaks Canvass Co.

Political Leadership

  • Elected Republican Precinct Chair in Dallas County
  • Chair of the Dallas GOP Rules & Bylaws Committee
  • Appointed to the Precinct Chair Vacancy Committee
  • Deputy Voter Registrar in Dallas, Tarrant & Ellis Counties
  • President of the Grand Prairie Republican Club
  • Vice President of the Irving Republican Women, TFRW
  • Adult Sponsor of the Republican Teens of DFW
  • Election Judge, Alternate Judge, Clerk, & Bilingual Clerk
  • SD9 Caucus Chair, Delegate, Republican Party of Texas Convention; SD9 Senatorial Convention Chair and Delegate, Precinct 4525 Convention Chair and Delegate

Think Pink

Tina Aviles is a valued source of conservative political information for community organizations as well as the media. Featured in campaigns with Latinos for Trump, Texas Public Policy Foundation, and a variety of civic groups. Tina is a credited media source for NBC, The Dallas Morning News, and Al Dia, panelist for national conferences, guest speaker for local organizations and media outlets.

Above: Tina Aviles, left, field representative for Rodney Anderson, with her husband Israel Aviles, right, republican candidate for Justice of the Peace, during an interview with an Al Dia reporter Wednesday morning Aug. 08, 2018 in Irving. Ben Torres/Special Contributor